Native Village of Eyak
10,000 Years in Our Homeland

Welcome to the Native Village of Eyak.

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Please give us a call at (907) 424-7738, send us an email at, or stop by our temporary NVE Admin Office at 705 Second Street (next to the Ilanka Clinic)

Ilanka Community Health Center

Emergencies Call 911
(907) 424-3622
705 Second Street
The Ilanka Community Health Center, owned and operated by The Native Village of Eyak, is a primary health, behavioral health, integrated and ambulatory care outpatient clinic.
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Cultural Services (907) 424-7903
Cultural Office
400 First Street (temp)
Ilanka Cultural Center & Gift Shop
711 First Street (temp)
The Ilanka Cultural Center honors the heritage and culture of the Eyak, Sugpiat, Tlingit and Ahtna peoples.
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Dept of the Environment and Natural Resources
(907) 424-7738
520 Second Street (temp)
DENR works to protect traditional lands, manage natural resources for the tribe, and prevent, or mitigate, environmental damage and preserve our traditional subsistence way of life.
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Tribal Government
(907) 424-7738
705 Second Street (temp)
The Native Village of Eyak is a federally recognized self-governing Tribe that provides governmental services within the Tribe’s customary and traditional use area: Prince William Sound, the Copper River, and the Gulf of Alaska.
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(907) 253-4332
NHN Prince William Marina Road (off Whitshed Road)
The Native Village of Eyak purchased the Prince William Sound Marina to help provide additional storage services for the community.
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Tribal Court
(907) 424-7880 500 Water Street
The Native Village of Eyak Tribal Court is a restorative justice court system that using traditional methods to resolve issues.
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Tribal Family Services
(907) 424-2238
622 First Street
Tribal Family Services encompasses tribal members from all stages of life. We provide programs to encourage healthy living and cultural connection.
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